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Environmental Justice Mapping Tool

It has historically been very difficult for communities to get access to information and data that would show the many layers of pollution sources in their neighborhoods. Environmental justice communities have been asking state and local agencies to compile such information for decades, with little success outside of the federal EPA EJ Screen. This is one effort CEED conducted in Minneapolis and St. Paul to start to bridge this gap and develop tools for communities to start to access that information themselves. The Twin Cities EJ Mapping Tool provides information about sources of pollution in a community and lets a user compare environmental risks across neighborhoods based on race and income. This allows activists to identify environmental and health risks their community may face and start to develop alternative advocacy plans. It looks at highways, contaminated sites, air quality monitor sites, tree canopy, food access, and land use; along with demographic information along race, age and income.

  • Use the “layers” tab to show demographic and pollution information in the Twin Cities.
  • You can type in a specific address in the upper right hand corner.
  • You can zoom in to your own neighborhood using the + and – buttons and recenter by clicking and dragging over the map.
  • Find out how far you live from pollution sources by using the “measure” tool.

Interact with the EJ Atlas online to see complete information in your own neighborhood here: