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Leadership Development

CEED has conducted numerous climate justice retreats and policy teach-ins for community activists and is regularly revising and planning more capacity building programs for additional audiences.


Our program areas include:


  • CEED Young Fellows Program: Building Healthy Communities

Applications will soon be open for a fellowship with CEED to learn how to identify and build skills around achieving environmental justice in your community. Look for applications in Spring 2015.


  • 7th Generation Native Youth Leadership

In collaboration with the 7th Generation Tribal Mentoring Program, CEED trained native youth from around Minneapolis in a summer-long workshop series about energy production, consumption, toxic materials, and environmental justice in native communities. Youth developed educational materials and performed outreach to share their knowledge throughout Minneapolis.


  • Past Events
    • Responding Together: Community Emergency Response Trainings (CERTs) 2012-2015 (facebook,
    • Delegation to Our Power National Gathering
    • Forum on Race, Climate and Community Health
    • Twin Cities Climate Justice Retreat – videos
    • International Indigenous Seminar in Bolivia (Qollaysuyu Collaborative)