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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

To ensure that communities and policy makers have the tools and information they need to create just, sustainable energy and environmental policy.

Working in collaboration with grassroots communities, policy makers and researchers, CEED conducts research and provides community education on important energy, environment, and development issues – so that all members of society may effectively participate in public decision-making. We strategically work to:

  • Build a deeper body of climate and energy research/analysis that fundamentally addresses racial and class justice.
  • Provide energy and climate policy technical assistance based on CEED research to support the environmental justice movement.
  • Promote strategies for cross learning and sharing of information around environmental justice energy and and climate issues.

Vision Statement

We affirm our interconnectedness of the human and natural world and take responsibility for inspiring change to create a society that equitably protects and promotes a healthy and vibrant environment for all people in current and future generations.

We are grounded in our values of self-determination in Indigenous, low income communities and communities of color, and gear our work toward the creation of a fully informed economic and political democracy.