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Popular Education

CEED is committed to the principle that all families and communities have the right to information about their energy systems, environmental health, and climate planning.


CEED has a number of hands on, interactive popular education materials developed and refined with community partners over the years. These materials link racial, economic and cultural justice with community experiences and environmental issues.


Our popular education materials development process includes working collaboratively with community organizers, graphic designers and multi media artists (spoken word, theater, dance, paint, print). Collaborators have included Annicha Arts, Pratibha Gupta, Deborah Ramos, Ananya Dance Theater, Linebreak Media and Ricardo Levins-Morales.


CEED has numerous popular education materials in development, including:

  • What’s in my Neighborhood?


  • EJ 101 Animation Video: Maya Fights for her Community
  • Mapping Toxics and our Community Health
  • Twin Cities: Toxics Trivia!


  • Justice in Your Heating and Electricity Bills
    • Justice in your Home Heating Bills
    • Justice in your Home Electric Bills
    • How to Read your Electric Bill
    • How to Read your Heating Bill
    • Your Local St. Paul/Minneapolis Electric Resources


  • Community Emergency Planning
    • Signs of Extreme Weather Dangers and What to do
    • How to Make a Family and Community Emergency Plan



  • Community Guide to Minneapolis Energy Decision-making