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Climate Action Plan

Organizer Isaac Martín explaining Climate Action Plan

On May 31st, CEED hosted a community gathering that released the Twin Cities Peoples Agreement on Climate Change which was an outcome of a series of numerous community dialogs held in 2011. Among the key principals of the Agreement is the following;

  • “Those most effected by climate change — indigenous, communities of color, low-income residents, women and children, persons with disabilities and other marginalized communities — must be full participants at all levels of climate change mitigation and adaptation planning processes; and must have adequate resources to effectively and meaningfully participate.”

Sign on to the Twin Cities Peoples Agreement on Climate Change today!

We also discussed the current City of Minneapolis Climate Action Planning process and how communities of color can be more effectively represented in that process. The City of Minneapolis has made sure to overwhelmingly include industry in process but has completely overlooked community and Environmental Justice (EJ) perspectives. As the process of developing the plan moves forward CEED along with other members of the EJ community will work to include the voices of those that will be the most impacted by the plan. Contact Isaac Martín, CEED’s Lead Organizer, for more details (