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Climate and Energy Research

CEED works to develop and ensure energy policy solutions to climate change are equitable and sustainable. We work in partnership with grassroots communities, policy makers and researchers, combining technical research with a priority for understanding policy impacts on justice communities. As public dialogue about climate change becomes more and more “expert driven,” CEED is committed to providing resources and space for inclusionary and informed public participation and self-governance. We work to highlight alternative energy infrastructures that support long term sustainability and community control.



4126689583_90fa1f5ef4_oClean Power Plan

As the first major regulation on greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, how the Clean Power Plan addresses Justice and Equity is critical.




Climate Resiliency

Climate planning should ensure that EJ communities will not be additionally over-burdened by climate change-related impacts.




evEnergy Vulnerability

CEED researches vulnerability to rising energy costs and the many reasons it is a greater burden in EJ communities.