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Nature’s Gifts

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik.
Image by Racool_studio on Freepik.


Today, the earth is treated as an object and commodity – society takes advantage of the gifts we are given from nature. Nature’s Cookbook was created with the intention of learning the abundant gifts the earth provides us with and healing our collective relationship with the land. We hope that in cooking the delicious meals within these pages, and uncovering the healing powers and gifts of nature, you ask yourself what you can do for the earth. 

Through surveying, small community gatherings, and connecting with individuals one-to-one, we have compiled meaningful and traditional meals, drinks, and elaborate recipes from diverse cultures across states and cities in the United States. The recipes shared in this cookbook are community contributions, directly inspired by their favorite dishes and must-have produce. In an effort to highlight nature’s gifts, once all recommendations and submissions had been collected, plant experts Cynthia Rico Mendoza, of Earthy Mujer, alongside Master Herbalist and Naturopath, Eva Nyrie, worked together to highlight specific health benefits and healing properties packed into these flavorful recipes. In an effort to continue momentum, at-home gardening and foraging sections were included to encourage continuous practice of acknowledging nature’s gifts.

CEED is currently working with an artist to illustrate the pages and ultimately publish the cookbook. Stay tuned!

Nature’s Cookbook: Acknowledging The Gifts of Nature Through Cooking, Gardening, & Healing

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