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Linking Local & Global

Storytelling can play an important role in connecting our individual stories to our community story. These narratives then connect us to other environmental justice stories across borders to create awareness of the issues and potential solutions our communities face.

Gender & The Environment

Understanding the current climate crisis is understanding that the violence and exploitation against the earth is interconnected with the violence women face, some of which include: objectification and profit.

Nature’s Gifts

Through surveying, small community gatherings, and connecting with individuals one-to-one, we have compiled meaningful and traditional meals, drinks, and elaborate recipes from diverse cultures across states and cities in the United States.

Community Climate Resilience

A story about a young girl who discovers the meaning of an ecosystem and how to care for and preserve it. Her teachings are guided by her grandfather, as she leads a collective community rebuild of a local green space.

Race & Class in Our Built Infrastructure

This facilitation guide uses historical perspectives to ensure that discussions about race, class, and opportunity are held in an honest context – away from guilt and blame.

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