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Building Leadership

CEED is committed to building leadership among our young people through our Youth in Environmental Learning and Leadership (YELL!) program and ongoing Popular Education work.

YELL! is a program for young people who are interested in social justice and protecting the environment. It is a program to engage, educate and empower youth of color (ages 18-25) to make a difference in their community through learning and hands on community projects.

CEED’s YELL Fellows participate in workshops led by local and national leaders in environmental justice and social activism. They learn about the history of how communities of color have been affected by pollution and toxics, and the many ways that you can work toward a healthy environment and for justice. They hear about exciting work happening all around the country (and the world) from environmental justice leaders in Indigenous communities, and communities of color. Issues the program engages include Indigenous environmental rights, food justice, energy justice, climate justice, and healthy neighborhoods. Fellows get support to work on a local community project of their choosing, and skill development around personal and community leadership, arts activism, and policy-making.

YELL! is a 9 month program based in Minneapolis, with applications opening in the summer of 2016 for the Fall 2016 Fellows program.




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