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Earth Day 2023: Celebrating Nature’s Gifts

By CEED, Apr 17, 2023


Join us for an Earth Day event in collaboration with CLUES’ Jardin De Armonia and Cynthia Rico Mendoza of Earthy Mujer, where we will cook together and share a meal from the cookbook, and engage in discussion around the need to treat the Earth with care and reciprocity, not as a commodity. Learn more about the cookbook, its purpose, the process in building the recipes, who has been involved, and the delicious contents. This cookbook will serve as a learning resource included in CEED’s popular education curriculum, specifically, our new Nature Series.

Location & Time:

Saturday April 22, 2023

11am – 2pm CT

CLUES’ St. Paul

797 E 7th Street

St. Paul MN, 55106

Today, the Earth is treated as an object and commodity – society takes advantage of the gifts we are given from nature. Nature’s Cookbook was created with the intention of learning about the abundant gifts the earth provides us with and healing our collective relationship with the land. We hope that in cooking the delicious meals within these pages and uncovering the healing powers and gifts of nature, you ask yourself what you can do for the Earth.

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