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Earth Day 2023: Celebrating Nature’s Gifts

By Natalya Arevalo, Apr 17, 2023

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For the past few months, I have been working with Cynthia Rico Mendoza, of Earthy Mujer, to create Nature’s Cookbook. This cookbook will serve as a learning resource included in CEED’s popular education curriculum, specifically, our new Nature Series. I am so excited to share that we will be sharing the first draft of the cookbook on Earth Day. CEED will be hosting an Earth Day event in collaboration with Jardin De Armonia and Earthy Mujer, where we will cook together and share a meal from the cookbook, engaging in discussion around the need to treat the Earth with care and reciprocity, not as a commodity. Read on to get a sneak peek at the cookbook, its purpose, the process in building the recipes, who has been involved, and the delicious contents. 


Today, the Earth is treated as an object and commodity – society takes advantage of the gifts we are given from nature. Nature’s Cookbook was created with the intention of learning about the abundant gifts the earth provides us with and healing our collective relationship with the land. We hope that in cooking the delicious meals within these pages and uncovering the healing powers and gifts of nature, you ask yourself what you can do for the Earth. 


Through surveying, small community gatherings, and connecting with individuals one-to-one, we have compiled meaningful and traditional meals, drinks, and elaborate recipes from diverse cultures across states and cities in the United States. The recipes shared in this cookbook are community contributions, directly inspired by their favorite dishes and must-have produce. In an effort to highlight nature’s gifts, once all recommendations and submissions had been collected, Cynthia Rico Mendoza, of Earthy Mujer, alongside Master Herbalist and Naturopath, Eva Nyrie, worked together to highlight specific health benefits and healing properties packed into these flavorful recipes. 


Nature’s Cookbook lives thanks to community contributions. A special thank you to Alix Khalaj, Arielle Favors, Asia Tamaami, Astrid Berger, Bill Gallegos, Bridgette Yant, Camila Mercado Michelli, Cassandra Holmes, Chris Waters, Eh Soe Dwe, Elise Harrington, Georgianna Jarrett, Hodo Dahir, Hope Regester, Jack Johnson, Jamila Hasan,  Jenn Deepa, Jenean Gilmer, Joanne Goddard, Juan Manuel Cruz, Julie Lourey, Kiengsom Imaun, Lenita Kennedy, Lourdes Juarez, Maria de Los Angeles Ronquillo, Maria Leon, Marinella Taoushiani, Mary Cobb, Mathias Ronquillo, MJ Whitaker-Long, Noelia Calvo Camacho, Rosa Rico Mendoza, Ruby Murillo, Saehea Turner, Sam Mockert, Sydney Saygbe, Tammy Ortegon, Tasha Damon, Augsburg University, Jardin De Armonia, Earthy Mujer, and Heal Minneapolis. We hope that each of you, and all those learning and cooking from Nature’s Cookbook, see yourselves and your communities represented and are inspired by community health via culture and the earth. 


  1. Introduction
  2. Meet Nature’s Gifts – Food, Herbs, & Healing
  3. What Difference Does it Make? – Time of Day Meal Ingestion
  4. Breaking the Fast – Breakfast
  5. Warm & Cozy – Soups, Stews, & Broths
  6. Super Greens – Greens & Salads
  7. Well Fed – Rice, Noodles, & Stir-Fry’s
  8. The Little Things – Snacks
  9. Sweet Treats – Baked Goods & Desserts
  10. Stay Hydrated – Drinks
  11. Grow It Yourself (GIY) – At-Home Gardening
  12. Gifting & Receiving – Foraging
  13. Keep It Going – Resources

Join us on Earth Day for the release of our Nature’s Cookbook!

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