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STATEMENT: EPA must continue to make progress on cutting down health harming from the power sector

By CEED, Apr 25, 2024

Washington, DC (April 25, 2024) — Today, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled a suite of final rules to cut down health harming pollution from the power sector. These rules work together to create climate, air, and water quality benefits for communities across the country. The standards “are designed to work with the power sector’s planning processes, providing compliance timelines that enable power companies to plan in advance to meet electricity demand while reducing dangerous pollution.”

Last month, the EPA narrowed the scope of the “New Source Performance Standards for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New, Modified, and Reconstructed Fossil Fuel–Fired Electric Generating Units (EGU); Emissions Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas” rule and delayed it’s plans to tackle emissions from existing natural gas plants. 

In response to today’s announcement from the EPA, Byron Gudiel, Executive Director at Center for Earth Energy and Democracy (CEED) shared,

“Across the Midwest, environmental justice communities we work with disproportionately bear the burden of living near coal plants, gas plants, pipelines, extraction and refining facilities. We are pleased to see the suite of final rules centering the creation of climate and public health  benefits. We welcome the limited scope of hydrogen in setting the final carbon standards for existing coal plants and new gas plants.  A massive build out of carbon capture and storage projects and hydrogen infrastructure is not an equitable solution to decarbonizing and detoxifying our power sector. We remain committed to working with the EPA to address health harming pollution from the fleet of existing natural gas plants through future rulemaking processes.” 

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