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We Can Change the Weather: CEED and Aniccha Arts

By CEED, Feb 13, 2012

The Weather Vein Project is a collaboration led by Aniccha Arts that examines—and reflects upon—the ways in which humans impact the weather. A live, interactive sound sculpture created by Mark Fox called “The Weather Oracle” is now on display at the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis and runs through August 23. The exhibit was originally designed to be shown in the entry way of “Cloud Turn“: an interactive dance presentation held in early June.

Cecilia Martinez and Shalini Gupta from IATP’s Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy have been regular contributors to the We Can Change the Weather blog—an extension of the Aniccha Arts’ Weather Vein Project that supplements the exhibit with news analysis, essays and general thoughts on the role of humans in changing the weather.

More information about the project and contributors is available here.

Andrew Ranallo

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