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Who We Are

The Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy (CEED) was founded by a group of researchers, educators and community activists who saw the need to affirm and revitalize principles of democracy and social justice in energy and environmental policy. The founders saw the need for quality policy research and education to create a more honest and accountable system for preserving our social and environmental heritage. CEED proudly joins with a long tradition of individuals and communities who have actively worked to keep the Earth healthy for future generations.

The idea for CEED came as the group of founders engaged in dialogue with each other in a variety of settings from universities to community events to professional engagements. The common theme that emerged from these discussions was the need for broader participation and inclusion of the needs and realities of all communities into energy and environmental policy debates and solutions. After decades of an active Environmental Justice movement, solutions to 21st century energy and environmental problems such as climate change and clean energy transitions continue to be developed without attention to, or participation from, the most vulnerable in our society.