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Environmental Justice working group meeting for Climate Action Plan

By CEED, Sep 14, 2012

May 31st Community Dialogue hosted by CEED

As a result of the pressure to build an Environmental Justice (EJ) focus on the Minneapolis climate action plan, the city and the department of sustainability have agreed to a include an EJ working work in the planning process. The EJ working group will also have 2 seats on the overall steering committee.

Please attend the first mtg of Environmental Justice (EJ) Working Group of the Minneapolis Climate Action Planning process. The EJ Working Group will review the strategies and provide recommendations for the City’s 2012 Climate Action Plan.

This Climate Action Plan will have an effect on how the City is planning for more sustainable housing, transportation and waste. The EJ Working Group meetings are open to the public. Please Join Us!

Environmental Justice Working Group Meeting

September 19, 2012

4 – 6 pm

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Small Conference Room

2104 Stevens Ave S


Add to your google calender http://tinyurl.com/8o2ljvg


Review roles of Environmental Justice Working Group and Climate Action Plan

Point of Discussion: What’s the best way to generate, collect and organize the EJ Working Group’s comments on the proposed strategies?

Next Steps


EJ Working Group Members (Current)

Barbara Benjamin-Roberts, Mille Lacs Urban Tribal Office

Lea Foushee, North American Water Office

Sam Grant, Afro-Eco

Valerie Larsen, Minneapolis American Indian Center Board of Directors

Cecilia Martinez, Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy

Shauen V.T. Pearce, Fellowship of Reconciliation

David Pellow, University of Minnesota

Beverly Propes




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