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Popular Education

By CEED, Dec 7, 2015

CEED is committed to the principle that all families and communities have the right to information about their energy system, environmental health, and climate planning. Our popular education is designed to initiate conversation and reveal information about environmental health in our communities.

A number of hands on, interactive workshops and educational materials have been developed and refined with community partners over the years. These materials link racial, economic and social justice with community experiences and environmental issues.

Contact CEED for more information about conducting a workshop in your community, and check out some of our materials online.

What’s in my Neighborhood?

  • *Twin Cities Toxic Trivia (interactive)
  • *EJ 101 Animation (video)
  • *Green Zones Workshop

Climate Justice

  • *Energy Democracy
  • *Global Carbon Emissions (TP)
  • CPP Toolkit

Justice in your Home Heating and Electricity

  • Energy Justice workshops
  • Home Heating Bills (workbook)
  • Home Electric Bills (workbook)
  • How to Read your Bills (workbook)

Climate Resiliency Planning

  • Emergency maps
  • What to do in Extreme Weather (factsheet)
  • How to make a Family and Community Emergency Plan (factsheet)

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