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Climate Resiliency

Governmental climate change planning resources have been directed toward state and local agencies for building up agency knowledge and capacities for understanding climate change and its impacts.



A great deal of resources and attention is also currently focused on ensuring that our infrastructure (transportation, energy, communications) related to impact on major sectors of the economy, is secure and will withstand major weather events or other climate-related events. However, much less attention and resources are flowing directly to the communities that will directly experience the impacts. This means that the most impacted communities are much less informed about the potential effects of climate change on their daily lives; what they can do to protect themselves from these effects; and what community-oriented infrastructure needs to be built to be more resilient to the range of social and environmental stressors that will affect community health and well-being in a changing climate.

CEED works to engage and inform frontline communities on climate change impacts as well as climate resiliency planning.

Cities and states across the country are recognizing the importance of planning for climate change, and an increasing number of state and local jurisdictions are pursuing climate change prepared-ness planning. State and local climate planning capacity building predominantly focuses on integrating climate change impacts on state and local agency operations. Unfortunately, resources to build the capacity of community residents to respond to climate change threats and create their own climate resiliency plans are relatively limited. CEED conducts qualitative analysis through interviews and surveys with grassroots partners and community members to build community based approaches to climate resiliency planning.

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