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Pollution Free Energy Systems

Along with our grassroots partners in Minnesota, regionally in the Midwest and nationally, we have been highlighting the need for strong local, state and federal action to transform our energy systems into one that lead to equitable economic, social, environmental and intergenerational outcomes for communities that have historically borne the burden of our extractive energy economy.



Energy planning and policy making has left out the most marginalized communities from decision making processes. State and federal processes often marginalize effective and meaningful participation from low-income communities and communities of color. We produce policy analysis  and provide capacity building services to enable true participation from impacted communities in energy planning processes.

CEED encourages the free use of our educational resources and popular education curriculum for community learning and movement building. Please enjoy and share the tools published here. We ask you to acknowledge CEED for the creation of these materials in any reproduction of our images, documents, or activities. Commercial use is not permitted. Please contact CEED with any questions or comments about the use of these materials.

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