Green Zones



Green Zones are a community-based environmental justice policy, and requires the most impacted communities to be a central part of the policy and planning process from inception to implementation. Neighborhoods have different types of cumulative pollution affecting them, so a Green Zones policy in one neighborhood of Minneapolis will look different from another neighborhood, and different from the policies in Los Angeles, tailored to the pollution and health impacts faced in each community.

CEED’s Green Zones workshop builds community knowledge in the Twin Cities about the layers of pollution in their neighborhoods, and assist with linking to successful models and campaign strategies in California. Community members use maps from the CEED EJ Mapping Tool and Twin Cities EJ Story Maps to describe environmental health in Minneapolis in new ways that blend lived experiences with pollution data. CEED has conducted technical assistance and workshops in collaboration with the Minneapolis Green Zones Health Impact Assessment Steering Committee on Green Zones, and will continue to develop popular education tools so that community voices are central to any Minneapolis policies around Green Zones moving forward.

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