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ARCHIVE: What is my State’s Emissions Targets?


Each State is assigned a target carbon emissions based on a calculation of current makeup of power plants. This calculation compares the ability of each state to shift away from dirty coal generation, increase renewable energy generation, and to increase the efficiency of power plants to operate more cleanly. States are allowed flexibility to design their own State Implementation Plans (SIP’s) to achieve emission targets using a variety of methods.

One decision for states to choose is whether to use Mass or Rate Based targets in their SIP. Mass Based targets are total carbon emissions released across a state. Rate Based targets are emissions released per electricity generated. States can also choose whether or not to trade emissions credits as part of their compliance. These and other decisions will impact the amount of pollution released into local communities near affected power plants.

This infograph shows the historic rate of emissions in each state (orange), the projected emissions without the Clean Power Plan (blue), and the assigned emissions goals for each state. Find your state targets below.

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