Climate Emergency Planning



Climate change brings with it a wide range of long-term everyday stressors as well as more frequent and more intense extreme weather events. Environmental Justice communities are often those first hit and hardest impacted by weather emergencies. Knowing what to expect and preparation can reduce the impacts of extreme weather and make your household more resilient to climate change.

Take steps toward climate resiliency by knowing what to expect and preparing your household.

Signs of Extreme Weather Dangers and What to do
How to Make a Family and Community Emergency Plan

To learn more about CEED’s Popular Education workshops and to set up a workshop in your community, please contact Say Yang.

CEED has collaborated with the Zenteotl Project to hold larger community events to share skills and resources and build community resilience. A video from our 2015 Responding Together: Community Emergency Preparedness event is below:

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Community Emergency Response Event (2015) supported in part by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

How to Make a Family and Community Emergency Plan

Build Your Home Emergency Kit

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